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Come visit the Art Gallery of South Australia

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For art lovers, every opportunity can present an inspiration to use their creative skills to create something beautiful. If you are an artist an art lover and appreciator, Equuscaput is the blog for you. The art blog features various articles and video posts focusing on the art community in Australia. Artists and art lovers can get updates and get to see the most innovative creations of various artists. Watch the video which focuses on the art gallery of South Australia. The gallery is a must visit for every person who has an eye for artistic...

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Time Lapse Surreal Painting

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Art means variously to different people’s minds and lives. For almost all of us, it certainly offers fascination, for others, it’s a hobby, and yet others are artwork professionals. At Equuscaput, we bring for you knowledgeable articles and videos for anyone and everyone with an interest in art in general, or its particular forms. Our art blog is specially helpful to those practising it as a vocation in any form, creative designing for example, or as a hobby-time pursuit, with expert tips and guidelines that have been shared here. We bring...

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How To Decorate A Living Room

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A living room is undoubtedly the most important and visited place in a home. It is the first space that your guests see and the way it is decorated may speak volumes about your own personality. If you are looking to decorate your living room, Equuscaput can give you some interesting suggestions and tips that can make your space look appealing.You can scroll the pages and get some great ideas regarding placement of furniture, colors and the other decorative items . Watch the video for some tips on how to make the focal points of your living...

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Fall Living Room Tour

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There are several ways to decorate your living room. One of the ways is to hire an interior designer. In the drawing room one can create a mix of natural and artificial décor. Artificial leaves present an excellent look in the drawing room, as visible in this video. Notice how the way this drawing room is being set up here. Small, attractive and innovative lighting textures can also be noticed here. For the fireplace, one can make use of artificial coal. The choice of colours in the couch also matters to a great extent. Additionally, it...

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Visit the Art Gallery of South Australia

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Some say that being creative is a way of life. And certainly so – art and creativity don’t end at Picasso’s canvases or those city walls that have been turned into murals, but mingled with the adventure of everyday life, they can be a way to transform yourself, and the world around. So if you’re a creative Australian wishing to tune in to the art trends around, Equuscaput, the art blog, brings you the latest art news in Melbourne. With write-ups, pictures and videos, we illustrate to you everything from the trending street art, famous...

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How To Decorate A Living Room?

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Any room in the house can be well decorated. However, it is relatively easier to keep the bedrooms decorated, instead of the living room. This is because the living room is usually seen most often by guests. Much of imagination is required to make the living room appear good. Architecture can be used while decorating places, while giving value to those places. Different types of furniture can also enhance the visual appeal of your drawing room. In this video, interior decorator Lisa Reis states how different places in rooms can be focal...

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Amazing Street Art Painting 3-D pictures

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Many of us have creative artistic minds as inborn assets within us. Most others appreciate art variously as in painting, sculpture, architecture, even street art and the like. Decorating work or living spaces, is for many of us, not just a matter of liking, but a must. Here’s a blog that caters to everyone interested in knowing about art forms, and developing their own skills and creative aptitude. Australia in general, and Melbourne in specific too has many beautiful art galleries for art lovers to visit, which are mentioned and detailed as...

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Street Art done in Melbourne

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At one point of time, street art was banned in Melbourne, which had different zones of zero tolerance. Here perpetrators were often caught and fined for their street art graffiti. Over the years, the concept of street art has evolved in this Australian city and people have also begun to become tolerant of the same. In fact, today street art is being recognised as a highly evolved form of art, as described in this video. Even local authorities now recognise the importance of this form of art. You will get to see some beautiful street art forms...

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Art Blog

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Art is not only what you need to exhibit in an art gallery, it might be an art that you can design at your home or your office. Art is a imaginative creation. Art may be in various forms like painting, sculpture, architecture, etc. Architecture is one of the finest means which may be used in creating small decorative objects, decorating places. You can decorate your drawing room with furniture and can design the interiors accordingly. You just need to choose the furniture that matches the interiors and then check the longevity of the...

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The Greatest artist alive: I’m not an urban artist, I am not an outside artist.

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Being an artist is truly a unique hobby and profession. There are not a lot many artists in the society nowadays, because most individuals are of the belief that being an artist is not such a good source of income. But if someone wants to be an artist, he or she must ensure that there is even a little bit of creativity in them, or else the entire endeavour will be a folly. So how can fill your head up with creative ideas? The answer is quite simple. Simply go for online art blogs and go through all the articles posted there....

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